What does a tin of sardines and a TechNet Plus Direct Subscription have in common?

  ANSWER: They both have a lot in them Yes it is a cheesy analogy with sardines and tins, but we really didn’t know how else to get across just how much came with a TechNet Plus Subscription 12 Months Of TechNet Plus Direct at a Superb Price We’re offering all these benefits at a…


The distractions of an IT Pro

We are doing some work trying to understand the life of an IT pro both inside and outside of work. It would be great to hear from you on what you get up to on your lunch break, after work or at the weekend. What websites do you go on? What magazines do you read? And…


The second TechNet Podcast

OK so it would appear that I am slightly behind the times with Steve’s podcasts, as I only blogged about the first one on saturday but then have actually just seen the that second came out last friday. Confused?? Me too….so on to more important things….. In the second podcast, Steve is joined by Cliff…


The first UK TechNet Podcast

Steve has been working very hard to get these going and I promise you they are worth the wait! This first recording looks at the linguistic differences between British English and American English, the 3 stooges – sorry experts – empty out their pockets in a gadget amnesty and then the go on to talk…


Evaluate on VHDs

I was searching on thre US site earlier today and came across a whole host of Virtual Hard Disks available to download, including Windows Server 2008, WIndows Vista Enterprise Edition and BizTalk Server 2006. These are great as through the power of vitualisation, you can evaluate them in your own environment without the need for…


TechNet Podcasts

I had a query the other day about being able to listen to webcasts while on the move. The US has been workign really hard to make mor eof these available – there are quite a few for IT Managers as well as IT professionals – so check them out


When is a Newsletter too long??

I had a bit of a shock the other day when I printed out the TechNet newsletter and sellotaped it end to end. The result was 9 A4 pages and a total length way taller than me! Imagine having to scroll through that – it must wear you out! So I have decided to give…


Microsoft Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs are a great way of getting your hands on a product – here is what is available for you at the moment: § 2007 Microsoft Office System § BizTalk Server § Branch Office § Enterprise Search § Exchange Server 2007 § Forefront Security § Identity and Access (IDA) § Internet Information Services (IIS)…