The Microsoft Licence Advisor

Anything that can help with licensing can only be a good thing and this advisor answers many of the questions we are asked. This 3 step tool enables you to:

1) Quickly determine which Volume Licensing program best suits your needs

2) Select the products you need and determine the required quantities

3) View a comprehensive report showing the Volume Licensing program comparisons, products and the associated benefits as well as SKU information. The report can be printed from the browser or downloaded to Word or Excel.

Remember to select your country in the drop down box on the homepage

Microsoft Licence Advisor

Comments (4)

  1. Kevan Smith says:

    Doesn’t work in Safari on a mac (can’t select products).

    Doubtless it’ll work faultlessly on Internet Explorer 6,7.8 on windows 2000,xp,vista,win7.

    Typical MS web page – takes ages to load and then doesn’t work properly in any browser not a Microsoft product.

    When are you guys going to learn that eventually IT Pros (like myself) will get tired of this sort of crappy treatment and steer our users clear of MS products.

  2. ian_pick says:

    It works on Windows 7 using IE, Chrome and Firefox (the Firefox layout is not perfect but usable). Safari fails on the first page following country selection.

    Not quite the non-MS browser failure that is stated in the previous post.

  3. Mark says:

    It doesn't work in Firefox here. (3.6 or the 4.0 nightly)

  4. gerard_ says:

    Doesn't work in Firefox 3.5 (can't select products) and IE6 (random errors)

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