Can you Bing it? Apparently, yes you can!!!

It came as quite a shock to me when Bing was announced internally.  It seemed uncharacteristically “cool”. This was supported by a piece of press coverage recently:

“So Bing is the biggest example of Microsoft’s new public face: friendly, human, interesting but even occasionally, as its changing homepage images indicate, surprising.” Matt Warman, Daily Telegraph

You’ll find it at and it will automatically know that you’re in the UK. Here are three of the features I think are great:

1. New Image Homepage – we’re using high definition photography (and we will soon be displaying iconic British images)

2. Best Match – the feature presents results for popular searches intuitively and this saves you clicks and gets you to your answer quicker

3. Ciao! Shopping Integration – we’re offering you the opportunity to shop directly from Bing using Ciao! product comparisons and user reviews (Ciao! is the shopping network Microsoft acquired in October -- read more about Ciao! here)

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