Business & IT Goals disconnected?

I noticed on yesterday that an IT Governance Institute (ITGI). study suggested there are still significant barriers that prevent IT projects adding to the value of a business

The survey of 250 chief executives found that the most significant hurdles preventing IT projects realising their full value were:

  • Implementing applications (37%)
  • The culture of the enterprise (20%)
  • Lack of skills base (16%)

Worryingly, more than a third of organisations surveyed did not have a chief information officer (CIO) on the executive team.

What has your experience been? With times even tougher, I have learned that many IT projects are not getting budget signed off unless they realise an ROI within that same financial year. Is this the indicative at all of the IT disconnect or just the way things have gone with the economy? Would a stronger board relationship mean that these hoops wouldn’t be so high to leap through?

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