Windows 7 through the eyes of a real person – Day 5 (the grand finale)

Huge thanks to Rich for all the time he put into this. Big thumbs up!

Realised that I’m rolling with Anti-Virus protection at the minute, I should probably sort that out. I can choose from Norton, Kaspersky and AVG...Hmmm-I’m gonna go with AVG so let’s get downloading.

Download and install went well-everything seems fine. OMG, I’ve not checked Twitter for like 20 mins (!) who knows what awesome tweets I’m missing out on-I’d better bust the website open ASAP. BLUE SCREEN, BLUE SCREEN, BLUUUUUUE SCREEEEEEEEN!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!

Gutted-my first Windows 7 blue screen, in fact my first blue screen of any kind for a long time. I know it’s a beta but it’s still a shame...anyway...I reboot and, just to check, try and open up a browser just to see it happen again. When it comes back up, I uninstall AVG (which also makes it blue screen!) and all is it just me that is seeing this issue I wonder?


The Windows 7 beta is only available until the 10th February to download, so get your copy now!

To get more information on Windows 7, check out the following resources:

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