Virtualisation podcast and events to attend

Last year at the VM08 conference in London, Microsoft’s Zane Adams, who is a Virtualisation expert at Corporate, came over to meet press, and as part of that he did a podcast interview with Stephen Pritchard: January 14, The Virtues of Virtualisation.

The podcast takes the responses from IDC, Microsoft, VMware and Parallels to Stephen questions. The piece lasts for approx 10 minutes and is well worth a listen

I also wanted to remind you the the Virtualisation Unplugged tour is still going and there are 2 events still available. These events take you through the breadth of the Microsoft virtualisation technologies and give you an insight into how they work:

24 February 2009, Northampton: Virtualisation Unplugged in Association with Servo

25 March 2009, Aberdeen: Virtualisation Unplugged in Association with Instalec

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