Key responses to questions on support and feedback for Windows 7 beta

Is there technical support available for the Windows 7 Beta?

No. Microsoft doesn’t offer technical support for pre-release software, including the Windows 7 Beta.

But we’ve created a TechNet online forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other beta testers.

How do I report a problem, or tell Microsoft what I think about the Beta?

Your feedback plays a critical role in the Windows development process. If there’s something you find confusing or annoying—or a feature you absolutely love—please tell us!

To share your thoughts, click the "Send Feedback" link at the top of any window.


The link opens an Issue Report. The more detail you provide in this report, the better we can address problems. The report even allows you to make brief videos to illustrate issues you’ve encountered.


More information on the beta can be found on the Windows TechCentre for Windows 7:

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