Microsoft Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft Windows 7 is designed to make everyday tasks faster and easier, and make new things possible for end users. When released to the market, Windows 7 delivers the fundamental performance, reliability and security features that people expect — and it is designed to be compatible with the same hardware, applications and device drivers as Windows Vista.  Windows 7 will have improved navigation, a new taskbar and a streamlined user interface that puts commonly used resources within easy reach. Windows 7 will also make it easier to use home audio-video systems and other networked media devices to play music, watch videos and display photos that reside on Windows-based PCs. And Windows 7 will offer more options than ever to customize and personalize Windows-based PCs with styles that match the user’s personality. 

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** The beta is now open to all on Springboard Series here

Support and Resources:

Why is 7 interesting to IT Pros?, read this article : First look at Windows 7, to understand some of the key features for IT pros.

Keep a  look out for the new Windows 7 TechNet Forum coming soon where you can discuss features and your discoveries with other users, Microsoft and MVPs.

The TechNet library will be updated with both new Windows 7 content and Windows Server 2008 R2 content, keep and eye out here.

By the end of the month a new page will be added to the Windows TechCentre where you can discover how Windows 7 can help you better manage and secure your PC client infrastructure. As well as giving you the tools and resources to guide you through each stage of the adoption process—from both Microsoft experts and our community of IT Professionals around the world

Bookmark the Springboard Series blog for regular posts on Windows 7 including new capabilities. Tools for evaluation and deployment, and tips from early adopters.

Over the next few weeks TechNet in the UK will be providing you with a variety of content via the TechNet Newsletter and our blogs on the road to Windows 7. So please get in touch to share your feedback. 

What is the purpose of a Beta?

The purpose of the beta:

1. What do we get out of a beta?

You trying out the software and sending feedback on what isn’t working as it should, the unwritten contract between us is that you tell us when it doesn’t work

Make sure you try all the software that you already have with the beta and feedback via the integrated tool.

Use the  Microsoft Application  Compatibility Toolkit which previously you had to add to Vista, but is now in the box with Win7 . Try all those applications, not just the ones you use every day. Also try as many different bits of hardware as you can with the beta running.

Don’t ever assume that we know of an issue.

2. What do you get out of it?

You get advance readiness on Windows 7 you get to see how its deployed and managed. What features you need to make users aware of..both good and bad, and any internal applications which you have that may need updating.

Remember don’t just backup your old system, but also back up data that you create on the new OS – because you never know. The public beta is pretty rigorous, but its better to be cautious.

There will be a report feedback/bugs somewhere in the beta – use this to report your findings

Comments (2)

  1. David Varney says:

    I have downloaded the Windows 7 Beta and wondering how do I get a product key for it?

  2. jh says:

    I Am downloading from microsoft right now. they did not pull the download link. They just made it unavailable to get to. But if you google or yahoo it, people that have allready downloaded it have posted the link directly to the download.

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