The best free TechNet UK swag competition

Alex & I stomped around the exhibition area of TechEd EMEA in Barcelona a few weeks ago collecting all the swag we could possibly squeeze into out suitcases on the way home. Alex ran a competition in the newsletter and the winner of the TechNet swag bag is:

1. blue TechNet squeezy from the Server launch.

Whenever someone asks “Are you sure the email isn’t down?” it becomes an island of peace in a topsy-turvey world., Christopher Latham

We at TechNet feel your pain J, and are providing you with more swag to allow the peace in your IT dept to continue.

Here is a selection of the other entries...who knew a plastic duck had so much appeal! And I am loving number 4 🙂

The best free swag I ever had....

2. ….a Microsoft screwdriver which got me out of a hole when I was doing an out of hours data migration, Robin Lee

3. The best free swag I have had was.... a 1GB USB memory stick from Microsoft Gamefest'06

The best free swig I have had was....a Glenlivet ’64

The best free *** I have had was..........,

Andrew Kaye.

4. ...from the back seat of Steve Ballmer's Fiat Panda., Joe Kennigton

5. ..............collected for me by the TechNet babes! :-), David Hippey

6. ....“a flying screeching monkey catapult that made my 4 year old daughter giggle uncontrollably for 15 minutes.”

The best swag is that which puts a smile on the family that have had to put up with you being away for the week, regards – Jim Allen

7. I know that it might sound a bit cheesy but the best free swag I ever had was a copy of Windows NT 4.0 at a Technet meeting in Atlanta USA; it got me interested in going for my MCSE and my IT career took off from there. I have a lot to thank Microsoft for! , Neal Kemsley

8. Sadly - it would be a Tech.Ed rucksack with some swag... including a plastic duck, t-shirt, baseball cap and much more! Chris Barber

9. 'The best free swag I ever had was....' an SQL Server 2008 Hoody from the glorious Editor of TechNet Flash ;), Rob Illes

10.the one I didn't have to beg for :-), Yiannis Mavroukakis

11. A mini pallet of paper from stationers Lyreco. It was a telephone note pad mounted on a tiny wooden pallet. It was extremely detailed and I guess a reflection of my telephone use to doodling ratio was so small as it took me around 3 years to use it all up, Peter Donohoe

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