Ballmer fan club

I just read this review from Martin Veitch who interviewed Steve Ballmer at our event last week. I was glad to hear that he endeared the audience, as he does each year to the Microsoft employees at our internal conference:

A lot of CEOs have the sense of humour of a newt but I warmed to Steve Ballmer. He didn’t mind being asked if we would appear with Jerry Seinfeld in an advert, or my feigning to believe that the sitcom star had died. Neither did he mind -- after suggesting that any Microsoft bid for VMware would alert regulators -- my quip that he must already know them pretty well. And anyway, how many other CEOs will make chimp noises (on my suggesting that VMware is the 800-pound gorilla of virtualisation), or stand on a stage and repeat ‘IT pros’ several times on request?

Full review: CIO News View: The day I joshed with Steve Ballmer - CIO UK Magazine

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