The Expertise You Need to Make Sound Buying Decisions

We often get feedback from customers that they feel unsure when it comes to purchasing licensing, where it be the type of license to buy, how many, from whom.....

One way to be sure a partner has a high level of how-to-buy expertise is to ask for the Microsoft Licensing Competency. Just like technical competencies, partners can only earn the licensing competency when they have a minimum number of Microsoft Certified Professionals. So you can be confident that they know their stuff. (Tell me more about partner competencies.)

Who has this competency in the UK?
You can find details of partners that have the Microsoft Licensing Competency by clicking on one of the links below:

My business has less than 250 PCs

My business has more than 250 PCs

There are two distinct types of expertise under this competency:

•  licensing - advising you on your best buying options

•  Software Asset Management - helping you keep track of and manage your software effectively

You may know exactly what Microsoft licensing options are right for you and your business. But if you would like some expert advice, choose a Microsoft partner with the licensing competency.

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