Manny’s Microsoft

I would like to introduce you to a new member of our team:

Manveel Deol
Technical Audience Marketing Manager
Additional Details

Manny has joined our team for a year as an intern during his work experience year as part of his university course. He is settling in well and particularly with the boss man as they are both Manchester United supporters. I feel slightly left out seeing as my beloved team (Reading) are now in the Championship but next season will be another story!

Something that stands out for me with our interns is that they approach things in a fresh/new way. For some of us who have worked here for a few years now, we can at times get bogged down by process, barriers, blockers and just get used to saying no because of x,y,z, but they come in with an open approach and question things. It is when they ask a question about something and we cannot come up with a valid answer that really brings it home! Our previous intern wrote a quote on her desk that sums it up:

Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open

Manny will be working a few things including a lot of work with our community. He has also decided to set up a blog to speak about his experiences and musings so I would encourage you to read it: Manny's Microsoft or drop him an email and say hello

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