TechNet Plus subscriber download area has a facelift

After much feedback, the TechNet Plus download has been revamped.


Here is an overview from Keith on the features and improvements in the new UI in this release:

  • The “twitchy” fly-out menu with the strange mouse behavior is gone. 
  • The product list is categorized. This was the most commonly requested organization structure. 
  • The table of contents has been flattened from three levels to two so finding products will be easier. 
  • The list of products can be narrowed easily by using the search filter. 
  • You can find products by using the filtered search or by browsing the table of contents. 
  • You can now search on part of a product name, e.g. “2007,” or on the name of an edition, e.g. “Ultimate” (as in Windows Vista Ultimate or Microsoft Office Ultimate).
  • If a file contains more than one product edition, the names of the editions are listed in plain view. 
  • File downloading, key related tasks, and product information are provided on the same page so you will no longer have to navigate from one page where you search for a product to another where you download files and claim keys. And if you encounter an error on the site, you’ll no longer be taken to a separate error page.
  • File downloading, key related tasks, and relevant information can be seen in a single row so you’ll no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find product keys.
  • Download sizes are displayed prominently so you can see how big the file is before you initiate the download.
  • You can now sort product files by the date they were updated, or by their availability based on your subscription level. 
  • The site will “remember” your last settings for media type, e.g. “DVD,” and architecture, e.g. “x86.”  If no files match your settings, the site will automatically suggest less-restrictive settings.

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