Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Update

The lovely peeps at Tranquil PC brought this to my attention:

The long awaited Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 update is now available.

What does Power Pack 1 give you ?

Power Pack 1 provides a range of new enhancements, including support for home computers running Windows Vista x64 editions, backup of home server Shared Folders, improvements to remote access, more efficient power consumption and improved performance.

Power Pack 1 is an update to Windows Home Server that provides a range of new enhancements, including:

•           Support for computers running Vista x64

•           Backup of home server Shared Folders to external HDDs

•           Improved remote access

•           More efficient power consumption

•           Updates to improve performance and reliability, including a fix for the data corruption bug outlined in Knowledge Base article 946676.

If you have a Tranquil Home Server it will automatically be updated later in August, via Windows Updates, or you can manually update it right now, following the instructions below.

How to download and install Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 now
(if you have already installed Power Pack 1 Beta – please un-install it before proceeding)

Download Power Pack 1

Browse to the Microsoft Web site at:

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