The second Springboard Live virtual roundtable: Windows Vista Security


The second Springboard Live! virtual roundtable has now taken place: The topic? Windows Vista Security

Microsoft Technical Fellow and desktop guru Mark Russinovich hosted an interactive on the topic of Windows Vista security.  As with the March roundtable on deployment, the panel took questions from those tuning in for the live event.  The roundtable also included two phenomenal customers whose company names we concealed due to the focus on security.

· Eric Schroeder is a Platform Architect for a financial services firm in the U.S., specialising in Windows engineering. To date, his firm has deployed over 1,000 desktops as part of its Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 pilot.

James Sheppard is an Enterprise Architect for a global accounting and consulting firm and has previous experience as a development manager for desktop applications. The firm’s Windows Vista deployment project is currently in the pilot phase and comprises 5,000 users worldwide

You can now watch the on-demand event at

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