I blog therefore I am?

On Thursday, 12 June, as part of DesignIT 2008, a roundtable debate in central London will take place focusing on the blog as an art form. It will explore the connection between art and web2.0 issues and in particular, the creativity of the blog.

Specifically the debate will focus on the blog as the new canvas and explore the question: “Is blogging the new way for people to express themselves creatively?” While people used to express themselves through painting, drawing or sculpture, is blogging set to become a new art form with mass appeal or will it remain the domain of a select few blogging specialists?

The debate panel will include Steve Clayton, blogger Neville Hobson, technology artist Dan Proops, art critic Charles Thomson, from Stuckism International, and journalists Stephen Pritchard from FT Digital Business and Mark Samuels from Computing.

I certainly wouldn't say that I have taken blogging on as an art form. Yes I will sometimes express opinions but I don't think I could argue that I was a creative blogger. This however is quite probably a limitation on myself, after all, the Microsoft blog policy doesn't restrict me, it just tells me to "Blog Smart". I heard a statistic recently that a new blog is added to the blogosphere every few seconds, so with all these blogs and people making so much noise, how is that a a certain few blogs stand out?

For me the success of a blog is when a person truly dedicates themselves to it. They live and breathe the blog and are probably about as committed to it as a marriage..in fact they probably spend more time ensuring the success of their blog ;). It is these people that truly give themselves to their blog that personify the expressing of creativity, as they are confident in themself and their views and they are not afraid to share it

I would love to hear your thoughts on this

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