How do I videos

These short videos focus on specific tasks and show you how to accomplish them, step-by-step, using Microsoft products and technologies. Subscribe to the RSS feed to see new content every month or go here

A few that I think will be popular:

10 Cool Things to do with the Powershell
This demo shows some of the neat things you can do with PowerShell with regards to server administration. There are 10 demos you can run through ranging from simple queries for services to enumerating information in Active Directory. Some of the scripts use lists of computers, some prompt for a computername. Each script shows a different thing you can do with PowerShell to quickly create administration scripts.

Server Core Remote Management
This demonstration highlights the benefits of Server Core, with its low overhead, and highlights how it is easy to manage Server Core with the new management tools and technologies included in Windows Server 2008.

Terminal Services - Remote Apps
In this video, Matt Hester talks about the remote app. capabilities inside terminal server, that allow us to share out apps across the different areas in our environment.

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