How does it go again….oh yes, a bad workman blames his tools!


Alex in my team recently ran a competition giving away Windows Server 2008 Resource Kits for TechNet Plus subscribers. The entry was easy, all you had to do was share a humourous IT story that somehow included "Heroes" in support of the launch theme

Well these 2 made me laugh A LOT and funny how the theme is human not machine error 😉


We had a guy – now an engineer for a major corporate – who joined us on work experience about 10 years ago. The IT manager asked him to tidy up the wiring cabinet when he got a chance. We came in next morning – and couldn’t figure out why none of the computers would log in. We then went into the comms room to find the work experience guy sorting the patch cables neatly into piles of each colour on the floor.


While working at Kew, I occasionally have to go to the more remote parts of the site and work on a server whose Remote Desktop has failed. This morning we thought we'd pull out an old server so I took an assistant (we'll call him "Aaron") and as the distance was around a mile or so, we also borrowed one of the golf buggies available for long distance fetching and carrying.

On the way back, it was still early and therefore dark; but this morning it was also very foggy and the usual landmarks we use to navigate the gardens were invisible. We took our minds off the fact that we'd been going round in circles for 20 minutes by singing the 'A-Team' theme tune and pretending that we were doing 60 across the grass with M16's blazing and a roof mounted home-made cannon spitting non-lethal fire in every direction.

Aaron had the old server resting on his knees and all seemed fine until I took a wrong turn and had to do an "emergency" U-turn (sans hand-brake). I say emergency as these buggies are limited to only about 8MPH. However, the effect was almost the same.

Aaron (lulled into a false sense of security by the low speed and fantasies of being 'Hannibal' or the 'Face man') wasn't holding on too well, to the buggy or the server and as I turned sharply he made a sort of strangled "eerrkk" noise, scrabbled to hold onto to something, and very (very) nearly rolled out of the buggy, down the bank and into the lake. Along with our server.

See, it's possible to get into trouble with even the most innocuous vehicles these days!

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