On Demand: Still Undecided about Windows Vista Virtual Roundtable


Microsoft Technical Fellow and IT guru Mark Russinovich hosted a panel of top independent industry experts to drive an open discussion around Windows Vista adoption and deployment, and demystify known issues.

The panel featured leading third-party Windows Vista adoption subject-matter experts including Mark Minasi , author of Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises; Tony Bradley, foremost security expert and Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP; and Jerry Honeycutt, author, speaker and Deployment Forum MVP, as well as IT Pros from customer organisations that have tackled Windows Vista adoption and deployment-all discussing the challenges, workarounds, and tips and tricks that they have learned along the way and the benefits of adoption.

Springboard Series- Still Undecided About Windows Vista?


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Windows Vista SP1 Roundtable panel of IT industry experts:

Jerry Honeycutt, Author, technical writer, and head of independent Deployment Forum
Tony Bradley, Security Consultant with BT INS in Houston, Director of Security (Evangelyze), Microsoft Security MVP
Mark Minasi, Technology Writer and Speaker and Microsoft Directory Services MVP
Sumeeth Evans, IT Director, Collegiate Housing Services
Lars Norman Søndergaard, Consultant, Globeteam
Gary R. Wilhelm, Sr., Business and Financial Systems Manager, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
Jeremy Chapman, Senior Product Manager, Windows Vista Deployment
David Zipkin, Senior Product Manager, Windows Vista SP1

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