On Demand: Still Undecided about Windows Vista Virtual Roundtable


Microsoft Technical Fellow and IT guru Mark Russinovich hosted a panel of top independent industry experts to drive an open discussion around Windows Vista adoption and deployment, and demystify known issues.

The panel featured leading third-party Windows Vista adoption subject-matter experts including Mark Minasi , author of Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises; Tony Bradley, foremost security expert and Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP; and Jerry Honeycutt, author, speaker and Deployment Forum MVP, as well as IT Pros from customer organisations that have tackled Windows Vista adoption and deployment-all discussing the challenges, workarounds, and tips and tricks that they have learned along the way and the benefits of adoption.

Springboard Series- Still Undecided About Windows Vista?


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Windows Vista SP1 Roundtable panel of IT industry experts:

- Jerry Honeycutt, Author, technical writer, and head of independent Deployment Forum
- Tony Bradley, Security Consultant with BT INS in Houston, Director of Security (Evangelyze), Microsoft Security MVP
- Mark Minasi, Technology Writer and Speaker and Microsoft Directory Services MVP
- Sumeeth Evans, IT Director, Collegiate Housing Services
- Lars Norman Søndergaard, Consultant, Globeteam
- Gary R. Wilhelm, Sr., Business and Financial Systems Manager, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
- Jeremy Chapman, Senior Product Manager, Windows Vista Deployment
- David Zipkin, Senior Product Manager, Windows Vista SP1

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