MSIT Best Practices for Going Green

The green issue is something that is becoming increasingly debated

In the past, the cost of physical space was a primary consideration in data center design. More recently, the cost of power and cooling has risen to prominence. Data center managers now must prioritise investment in efficient power and cooling systems to lower the TCO of their facilities.

Microsoft has responded to this by adopting the following top 10 best practices for energy efficiency in Microsoft data center operations:

  1. Engineer the data center for cost and energy efficiency.
  2. Optimise the design to assess multiple factors.
  3. Optimise provisioning for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  4. Monitor and control data center performance in real time.
  5. Make data center operational excellence part of organisational culture.
  6. Measure power usage effectiveness (PUE).
  7. Use temperature control and airflow distribution.
  8. Eliminate the mixing of hot and cold air.
  9. Use effective air-side or water-side economisers.
  10. Share and learn from industry partners.

To read more details, read the fact sheet

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