Mark Russinovich to be the face of the Springboard Series for Windows Vista

I feel like I am announcing who is going to be the face of a big make-up product launch, or perfume, or clothing range

Mark Russinovich is quite a legend! And I don't say that lightly. He wrote the Inside the Windows Vista Kernel articles that appeared in the UK TechNet Magazine and is also appearing the March issue with an article along the same lines but for Windows Server 2008


If you visit the Springboard Series this month, you will see his face. Each month, Mark will introduce new articles and provide detail on new resources available in the series. If you’ve been waiting to adopt Windows Vista, check out this month’s feature article, “Still on the Fence with Windows Vista?" to learn about the top things to consider with Windows Vista SP1 and what this latest milestone brings to the table.

And now, in his own words (this is what we do when a new person joins our team) - this is why he wants to be involved in this series:

As a Technical Fellow in the Platform and Services Division, I have a lot of experience with Windows operating system internals and architecture. I know your pains well. That is why I’m happy to present this collection of resources, tools, and monthly straight-talk articles designed to address your questions and offer upfront guidance based on early adopter and community feedback.
Mark Russinovich,

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  1. mike says:

    A great resource – many thanks!

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