The Lone Server Story

This story is based on the true story of the “Lone Server” -- the last server left at that’s still running Windows Server 03.


Just imagine it now....and get your tissues at the ready, as this is a sad plight of a server.......

Once I was almost famous. For years, my friends and I were on the front lines: we were the Windows Server 2003 servers that powered, one of the hottest Web sites in the world. Then, early last summer, everything changed. Quietly, without warning, the new kids took over. Windows Server 2008. Yes, I know, the product’s not even done yet. These were Beta 3 servers, for Pete’s sake. Long way from prime time. But there they were, humming away. No problems. All of ‘em on Windows Server 2008. Except me. The last Windows Server 2003 left at

My only hope is that some hero will come along and bring me some kind of, I don’t know, redemption. Call me a dreamer. But really, what else can I do? No matter how you cut it, I’m not long for this datacenter.

Go here to watch the video

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