And the winner of the Xbox 360 competition is…….

Thanks to everyone that sent in their entries for this competition....I have had a fantastic 24 hours watching these come in. Entries ranged from some very scrooge-like pictures to a brussel sprout with eyes! Two close runners up were pictures of entire desks that had been wrapped as christmas presents

The winner is Gareth Jenkins from IMServ, who sent in the below picture with this commentary:

"The chap who sit's at the desk on the right was upset because he did not have as much tinsel has the chap who sit's at the desk on the left...... So when he was out we upgraded his decorations."


I asked if he actually continued to work with it like this and was told he did, although he did take the tinsel off the phone because it tickled his face!!! Look how happy he was when he found his desk:


Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

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