Windows Vista Showcase

I just had a nice coffee catch up with Eileen to talk about TechNet and things, and as we were walking into building 2 of Thames Valley Park in Reading we saw the Windows Vista Showcase room.

Now I will admit that the room has been there for months, but somehow we have just never had the time to go in. Seeing as this week is getting quieter as everything winds down, we decided to take the opportunity to get the tour of this hi-tech room

IMAGE_075       IMAGE_074

The showcase room was set up to enable Microsoft employees, partners and customers see and experience what Microsoft and its partners have to offer at home and with Windows Vista Home premium.

So...are you ready for is the list of what's there:

50" Phillips TV
Xbox 360
Xbox 360 HD DVD drive
Sony Media Center (picture 2nd line)
Tranquil PC Home Server (picture 1st line, on right)
HP Home Server (picture 1st line, on right)
Dell XPS 700 (picture 1st line, on left)
Memento 10" wireless picture frame (picture top line, 2nd from left)


They also had various HP PCs, including 2 screens running the beta on Windows Vista Ultimate of the dreamscene which gives you an animated screensaver.

As you can imagine, we were pretty impressed!!!! Which got Eileen & I thinking......maybe you may want to see this experience too. So watch out for a competition in the TechNet newsletter in January

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh Heck, Georgina has beaten me to it and has already blogged about our trip into the Vista showcase

  2. Chris says:

    Is it me or does the Dell XPS style case looks ugly. Also that Sony Media centre case look like a victoria sponge.

    Must be think of to much food and christmas.

  3. JAM4 says:

    I thought that media centre was a hat box at first 🙂

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