Also launching this week….ChampionIT

You should have read my post yesterday about DesignIT which is a competition to recognise the innovative nature of the skills IT professionals have and putting them to great use for a charity

ChampionIT takes on a similar format but is around recognising the day-to-day efforts - and often heroics - performed by IT professionals. All too often I hear from you that if your systems are all working without a hitch then you are ignored, and that you are only remembered when something goes wrong...wouldn't it be great if there was a "Praise desk" rather than a "Help desk" but that may not be on the budget for this year!

Well, we can't create a "Praise desk" in each of your companies, but we have created ChampionIT, so if you are a winner you can showcase your award on your desk (or use it to block the door to your server room shut)


How does it work:

This competition is all about nominations and votes, and a winner is selected on the strength of their nomination both by panel and public opinion. The competition is cyclical over six weeks, so once a winner is announced, nominations can begin again. The structure is as follows:

  1. Nominations are open. You have two weeks to submit your entry.
  2. Nominations close. The judging panel review all nominations and choose three finalists.
  3. The three finalists' names appear on the website. There are two weeks of public voting.
  4. The winner is announced at the end of the voting period. The winner is interviewed and receives their prize. Their name appears in the Hall of Fame on the website.
  5. Nominations are open, and the next round begins!

The nomination form takes literally 5 minutes and you have until 10th January 2008 to get your submissions in, and be the first entry into the ChampionIT hall of fame!


Oh and there are a few other prizes too:

For the winner:

  • An annual subscription to Technet Plus Direct
  • A copy of Windows Vista Ultimate
  • A copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate
  • The ChampionIT award
  • A winners t-shirt
  • Inclusion in the TechNet Newsletter

For the two runners up:

  • A copy of Windows Vista
  • A Microsoft LifeCam NX 6000
  • A ChampionIT laptop bag

Comments (2)

  1. Alun J says:

    Dnt you think you should watch the logo?

    Looks a lot like the IT crowd.

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