Hello from Manchester


Day 2 of the TechNet on the Road events and we at the Lowry in Manchester

Eileen introduced James & I to a fantastic gastro pub called The Ox last night so we are all set for a great day

Andrew started off with a great session on Performance Point, and we were interested to see how many people hadn't heard of it. So here is a great overview (thanks to Andrew again):

Performance Point 2007


16 October will be the UK launch for Performance Point 2007 which is going to illicit three reactions:

  • Fantabidozoo it's out at last!
  • Oh oh Microsoft have released another thingy that costs half as much as our whatsit so let's get marketing to tell everyone that it doesn't scale for the enterprise and it won't be any good until sp1 comes out.
  • What? Never heard of it!  So you do a live search on "Performance Point" and you get a lot of car stuff and there's also an outfit in California providing business coaching and actually this is quite relevant.

Read on....

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The OX…..

    …..This would explain why James was falling asleep behind Steve during the DPM session.

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