Do you know what Microsoft software you have in your company? I mean really, really?

Well.......Microsoft has introduced a new Software Asset Management (SAM) programme that offers some useful tools to help you manage software assets effectively. The Microsoft Inventory Analyser 4.0 is a free tool that helps you build an accurate snapshot of the Microsoft software in your estate. And the ROI tool helps build a credible business case for implementing SAM – so you can say goodbye to the “shoebox approach”.

If you’d like to spend less time worrying about staying legal and on time-consuming admin, and more time planning, then you should look seriously at this new programme. And if you want to make your budget go further, it’s worth considering that most companies make considerable savings in the first year – up to 30%.

Whatever the size of your organisation, SAM can help with:

·         Eliminating waste and redundancy – “shelfware”

·         Data security

·         Smoother operations (less risk from unsupported programs, viruses and security problems arising from a lack of patches or updates)

·         Scheduling new hardware

·         Financial security (against unexpected licensing costs)

Here’s the verdict from one of our customers:

“SAM has promoted the smooth running of business processes. Less time will be absorbed by routine tasks… It provided a framework for us to turn an area of potential concern into an area of confidence — even comfort. I would definitely recommend the SAM process to other companies.”  HW Fisher

Interested? Visit for more information. You’ll find plenty of practical tips, plus free the free tools outlined above. Want a quick overview? Then download our Quick Guide to Software Asset Management.

Finally, if you’d like to hear more from other Microsoft customers who’ve adopted a SAM approach, please read these SAM case studies.

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