TechEd IT Forum – who should get the swag?

I went around the booths at IT Forum and collected giveaways, including:

1) SQL Server T-shirt
2) TechNet Edge T-shirt
3) Microsoft Forefront mousemat
4) Scripting Guy book
5) Tool kit/tape measure thingy
6) A few more bits

I will bundle it up and it will all to go the person who posts the best comment on why they should have it πŸ™‚ 

Comments (48)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes Count me:)) Enthusiasm and passion for technology, for your role and for your customers


  2. Anonymous says:

    Some of us are so busy making this stuff work that the bosses won’t allow us to grab the swag.  i.e. they are the swans head and we are the webbed feet frantically paddling below them!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Schwag! Schwag! We don’t need no Schwag!

  4. Georgina Lewis says:

    Ok the judging panel has been out and returned with the verdict (ok so its just me!). I have decided to split the swag out t 3 people:

    Neil H – for playing on my heart strings with the charity angle

    Nathan Harris – for pure snd simple grovelling

    Dave Oliver – for innovation and resourcefulness

    Can you all email me ( your address details and I will send them out to you


  5. Anonymous says:

    It would solve all of my Christmas-Present-buying dilemmas. πŸ˜‰

  6. Anonymous says:

    I should, because I’ve never been and won’t ever be able to go!

  7. Georgina Lewis says:

    Is anyone else slightly weirded out by the "Paolo" love letter as AJ refers to or is it just me?? And Kevin’s comment about the kittie is even more disturbing!

    I hope I am not getting an insight into my readership!!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Neil H says:

    …because I will auction it to other IT geeks in the office for Children in Need.

  9. Graeme Stirling says:

    Swag is always best when you don’t have to sign up to some daft mailing list to get a free baggy.

    If donated to me I will wear one of said t-shirts to my next Microsoft Seminar up here in Edinburgh πŸ™‚

  10. Nathan Harris says:

    I would dearly like just a T-Shirt as I work with a bunch of Linux techheads, and it would be really great to proudly wear something all day in the office with Microsoft on it! You know the usual kill bill T-shirts are around and oh are you updating again comments, better give it a restart then ETC ETC

    I brought a load of Microsoft pens from the last computer show just to nark them, so I think I have earned it!

  11. Brian says:

    ..because I’ve just got back from working in Houston, so the T-shirts will help keep me warm. Next time I’m back, I can show off what great freebies we get in the UK.

  12. Cliff Hobbs says:

    Me as I have nothing clean in the wardrobe to wear.

  13. Gary Valentine says:

    Give the gear to me and I promise to never contact you again!

  14. Chris Anthony says:

    In light of the fact that it is nearly that season of the year when people give gifts to others. I feel that the recipient of the magnificent gift, mere words cannot fully express just how magnificent it is, should be someone who fully deserves such a superb offering from TechNet. I humbly, and in all reverence, hesitate to suggest that this should be me. To quote "I am not worthy". However I would ask that you overlook this fact, and in your expert opinion feel that I should be the recipient of this superb gift.

  15. Gary Valentine says:

    Me again, I realised I never gave you the means to contact me in my last post.  There is no email address on the URL I posted but, hey, youre microsoft…I’m sure you can figure it out.

    P.S. Make sure the T-Shirts are size Large!  I’m a big guy!

  16. Nathan Hewitt says:

    I should get the swag as everytime I sign up for MS event I have to cancel as my organises important meetings!

  17. Andrew says:

    i should get them cos i’m sad and lonely (awww) and desperately need cheering up – and a SQL Server T-Shirt is just the thing to do it!

  18. RIchard Brand says:

    How better to raise the next generation of Microsoft proponents than by donating your swag collection to a Microsoft focused father of four?

    If I receive the swag you can look forward to a great family photo of us in Microsoft clothing – a marketing and PR dream (even if the children are only 6, 3, 1 and 0 years old).

  19. Dave Oliver says:

    Swag is always cool things to have specially in helping with everyday office emergencies.

    Just like Macgyver, I can build a raft out of mouse-mats and freebee pens to sail out of flooded building.

    Weave a make-shift rope from T-Shirts for lowering colleagues out of a window just in case we are trapped by fire.

    Books to defend ourselves from out of control electric staplers bent on world domination. How dare they!

    And ofcourse measuring tape as a pseudo light-saber for those all important Star Wars reenactments.

  20. jon hopkins says:

    Ummm should be me, because I can update the IT geeks to the latest and greatest Microsoft-wear, use the tool kit when fixing the pc that my client base love to break, and chortle all lunch over the ‘script guy’ πŸ™‚

  21. Michael McConville says:

    I should receive the swag because I’m not writing this comment using a Mac πŸ™‚

  22. Simon Bough says:

    I would like the swag as I work as an ICT Technician in schools and think It would go along way to making me look a bit cooler in front of the kids. We School techs are always at the bottom of the food chain when it comes the IT Industry and never get any appreciation from Microsoft ;-(. Yet; we are the ones who are out there making sure that the next generation of IT Geeks can learn all about the wonderful world of IT inbetween trying to crash the schools network and infect every machine with the latest trojan. Thank god for Microsoft, praise Bill Gates, Hallelujah.

    PS: Did I mention we have to work with Teachers every day?


  23. Steve Jeffery says:

    You should give it to me, because I am really nice.

  24. Mischa Boender says:

    I should get the package because my colleagues are irritating me with their giveaways. They had a nice week in Barcelona and I had to stay "home" to keep the company running.

    Now I have to hear all the "great" stories about the forum (and the afterparties), so please include a set of earplugs!


  25. Andy Butterworth says:

    I should have it, because thats just what i need, a load of stuff no one else wants that was given away free anyway, cheers

  26. Nick Askew says:

    I would love the swag so i could go into the office on a Monday morning proudly wearing the T’s (making the office jealous), introduce my mouse to is new mate (MAT) look even more geek like (with NHS Glasses on) with the Scripting book hanging out of my old school satchel, wave the new shiny toolkit in front of the Tech guys, which will put the fear of god in then (what is he gonna muck up this time) create office crimbo decorations out of the rest of the bits and bobs.  could even be a secret santa pressie.  Fingers crossed.  

  27. Steve Grinder says:

    I think you should share your swag with me.  My IT buddies are always trying to top who gets the best Swag.  I can think of none better than from you.  

    Remember  "Not what we give, but what we share,– For the gift without the giver is bare".

    Either way have a great holiday season.  


  28. Robin says:

    My job involves checking that three little green lights stay on, and for real excitement, maybe resetting a password.  

    I would like this stuff, because it might cheer me up.

  29. Gary Pretty says:

    I would love the SWAG collection! Years ago when I decided I wanted to be a programmer I came accross an MSDN mouse mat and was delighted. Ive never managed to get anything else and for many years now the mouse mat has sat alone on every desk I have worked at πŸ™ Please give me some SWAG. Whenever people start talking to me about anything techy, the first thing I say is "I’m a Microsoft man". Please make this sentence even more true and make me more Microsofted up than ever with more than just a mouse mat!

  30. Kevin says:

    Give it to me, or the kitten dies….

  31. Nigel Moffatt says:

    Seeing as I’ve just been told I’m the victim of credit card cloning right before Christmas I might need these as gifts. Oooo the christmas photos of all the rellies with MS branding, Uncle Linus will be pleased!

  32. Mike Poole says:

    Because I will be your friend forever and give you a signed copy of the best ever SharePoint Designer book in return.

  33. Peter Hopley says:

    Barcelona! Here I come! Or so I thought as I planned my half term break. Had a wander down the Rambler on my way to the conference, arrived and found out I was a week early. Don’t I deserve it?

  34. richard riley says:

    Dear Georgina

    Many many thanks for a glorious time in Barcelona. I truly will never forget the nights, the days (and sometimes the nights and the days) that we shared. I’ll confess to being nervous and sometimes afraid I’ll admit. But the police never caught us like you said and who would notice that TV in the swimming pool? The time we spent together in that lift was so special (are you sure  you didn’t push that stop button?) and so surprising! So many tattoos in so many places! We’d only just met of course so I felt it rude to comment but you really opened my eyes.

    Darling, I must confess to sneaking a little peek in your iPhone (at a Microsoft conference too!) and couldn’t help but note your address. I’m dying to visit you in England but of course would so hate to embarass you. So, perhaps a little gift? Maybe that large bag of freebies you collected from your friends at the conference? It’s just junk to you but to me? Sweet dreams are made of this. Just enough to keep me off the areoplane cherie.. (until next time of course!)

    I know I’ll hear from you soon. You’ll be pleased to know the bruising has nearly gone. Bruno (your extra special friend)says Hi!

    Paulo x

  35. Kevin Luff says:

    Because… I still have the negatives of you and richard riley AKA Paulo

  36. AJ Langhorn says:

    All said and done with the Paulo comments and the love letter, let’s return to the original topic: who should get Georgina’s swag?

    Well, personally, I reckon the swag should be donated to a person, still in his youth, who regularly reads TechNet, Channel9 and other Microsoft-related blogs and sites, and who will never really get to attend a Microsoft Conference or IT Forum. I’ve got a few nominations:

    1. Steve "I wear tight jeans and black turtlenecks all day long" Jobs

    2. AJ "Please, Georgina, can you donate the swag to me?" Langhorn

    3. Steve "I play polo on Segways" Wozniak

    After all, if any of the above nominees tried to attend a Microsoft conference, would we Gates-o-holics not kick them out and shun them for their beliefs? Yes, I thought so. And you know that you secretly do want to shun them – even if it’ll badmouth Microsoft’s PR: what they believe in is Apple-ness – and five-a-day certainly is too much!

  37. Lee... says:

    Stuff, it’s all just stuff. You lot are so materialistic. You remind me of seals waiting to be fed the next fish. Look at my flippers, there bigger and faster than that guy’s!

    No I should have the next fish, <arrrg, arrrg> (seal noise((well you spell it)).

    Anyway my vote is for ‘Richard Riley’, obviously has an eye for the laydeez and a sarcastic sense of humour which is a prerequisite for working with, well, you decide! He’ll also be able to measure the length of his prowess with the tape measure thingy!

  38. Dan P says:

    My mouse mat has holes in it and i’m currently wearing a Windows NT t-shirt.  Not to mention the fact i’ve lost my screwdriver!

  39. Andy says:

    Dear Curious George,

    so we can tell what these T-Shirts look like can you model them? You could then send the photo along with the other items so I can auction them for charity.



  40. PESK says:

    I arrived early (6:20am) at the airport for the flight to Barcelona, queued up and when I got to the front, realised that I didn’t have my passport.

    Well, totally dejected, I sold my ticket to the next fat bloke (he needed the extra room, he said), went upstairs to the bar which had just opened and played my opening gambit of a double-Jack Daniels-and-Coke, "While I wait for my full English breafast…".

    Several (substitute with 10+) DJD&Cs later, I was surprised to find myself at the local nick being resusitated with copious amounts of something they call coffee…

    They found my passport in my back left pocket, my ticket in my shirt pocket (apparently, I had sold the online printed boarding pass) and I was a day late for the flight anyway.

    The saving grace, when I left the nick at 9:00pm that night, I had drunk lots of money and my ticket was refundable…

  41. Bruno says:


    You were my favourite. Those other women (and men) meant nothing to me. Come back to Barcelona. I have so much more to show you. Paulo says you can have your phone back if he can keep the pictures. And, honey – please this time. No guns.


  42. AJ Langhorn says:

    Wow: Georgie has two stalkers now…! Popular or what?!

  43. Krunal says:

    A lot of people like to throw impression on others. Some try to save money for chrismas gifts. The main intension  regarding spreading name of the biggest IT giant is lost somewhere. I today hereby pledge that I will truely support da spirit of this giant (Trust, but verify) and keep on clicking ads like da one that took to this page.

    Signing off,

    A true MSFT patron

  44. Gavin says:

    Proof that Microsoft does exist outside the campus and real people visit and then have to translate their experience into english for people in the real world where sales and marketing figures run companies.



  45. I hate Falkirk says:

    I think you should give me a large t-shirt since it took me 2 hours to find the event held in Falkirk which was actually in Grangemouth 10yards from Grangemouth Golf Course. It took me 35mins to get home. : )



  46. ML49448 says:


    I am under investigation for expenses fraud, and I really need to cover my tracks. Wearing a technet t-shirt to work would help convince my boss I attended, and that the receipt showing a first class ticket to Amsterdam was really just a clerical error.

    Should this not work, the mouse mat could act as a handy pillow during my transit to Mexico in the back of a u-haul.

  47. Nigel Moffatt says:

    Hmmm, I suspect an ITV case of jiggery pokery here, where’s that bag of sour grapes gone?

  48. paul macmichael says:

    because I would wear it with pride

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