Springboard to Vista

It’s been almost a year since the Windows Vista launch.

Windows Vista: Start here for recommended experiences, materials, and resources

This week we announced the "Windows Vista Springboard program" which the people in Redmond describe as:

"A holistic resource for deploying Windows Vista solutions, it is designed to offer IT professionals a portfolio of recommended materials and resources based on a true lifecycle that an IT Pro goes through from early awareness, through management and finally deployment."

This resource gives you a left to right, and top to bottom matrix of content depending in where you are on the cycle i.e. whether you are at Discover, Explore, Pilot or Roll out. At any stage in your adoption process, the Springboard series is designed to offer you a growing portfolio of recommended materials, resources and experiences. Each month, our goal is to present straight talk on various known challenges and advice on how to overcome them based on early adopter and community feedback.

It would be great to heard your feedback on this over the months 

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