Happy Birthday Blue Monster

Steve, who has been so involved with the conception of Blue Monster and its journey over the last year, points out that it is the Monsters 1st birthday today

In short, as Steve puts it...Blue Monster = Conversation

The monster may be a little controversial and has been accepted in varying degrees by people, but overall for me what does it do:

1. It gets across that employees at Microsoft are people (not robots).
We come to work because we want to and because we want to make a difference, not just to wind the Corporate wheel

2. It also suggests the innovative nature of Microsoft as a company and the direction it wants to head in.
Bill G's initial vision was for everyone to have a PC....that vision was probably tightly fixed to a desk whether at home or work, but look where that vision is now.....the idea of a fixed desk is vanishing. I read an article when flying up to Newcastle in the in-flight magazine that talked about how offices may really be a thing of the past in the not too distant future as we move to flexible, mobile working

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