Going, going gone……Office Rocker on the shopping channel

I heard before the weekend that Darren was due to be on the shoppign channel at the weekend but wasnt totally sure it was going to happen.....I am unfortunately insanely gullible and this is quite often the cause of me looking quite silly for believing things

Darren on QVC

But lo and behold......it did happen!!! I found Darren's post a really interesting read on what it is liek behind the scenes, including watching the sales go up. What surprised me even more was that he went up against X-Factor and still managed to sell out!

One can only hope that Darren doesnt get lured away by teh glamour of the shopping channle lifestyle and sticks at what he does best....the man behind the Office Rocker blog

You can watch his famous 5 minutes and read all about it here



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