TechNet on the Road and Vista After Hours – feedback so far…

So it was Manchester and Reading last week, and the feedback has been good so far. Huge kudos to James and Steve for presenting a full day event with 99% live demo! Yes things didn't always work as predicted, but the audience feedback has been that this is real world, and actually to watch something not work and then see how it can be fixed is a much more powerful story.

Thanks to Richard Tubb for a great write up on the day event: "Creating and Managing a Virtual Environment" and the "Vista After Hours" evening event. This was the best bit of the write up for me:

 "Thus concluded a very long, but informative and entertaining day. Say what you will about Microsoft, but I know of no other vendor who deliver this sort of quality technical day to their partners. I certainly appreciate it, and judging by how over-subscribed this Technet event was, so do many other IT Professionals and Partners. " 

And I have heard on the grapevine that "Vista After Hours" may well be making a little trip to TechEd IT Forum

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