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So we are on tour at this very moment and the "Creating and Managing a Virtual Environment" events were very popular, so I would really like to know if you think they would be worthwhile re-running? these events are run 99% with live demos!!

James & Steve - get ready to pack your bags again 😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I attended the event in reading I was very impressed about the presentation thank you very much

  2. Matthew Gaskin says:

    I would love for this to be re-run at Reading. We couldn’t attend but would have benefitted greatly from it. We can’t get management approval to go too far afield due to expense.

  3. Steven Jenkinson says:

    Yes George, I was all set to go to the Manchester event as I usually do, but not this time – it was full before I had the chance to read the notification email! How about a re-run and making sure those that have been to the last one don’t return to take up the space! It has to be fair! :o)

    Or how about persuading Eileen to come back to my home town of Liverpool!


  4. Mike Jones says:

    I would like a Birmingham event for us Midlanders. Several of our employees would of liked to attend with the view to rolling out Server 2008 in future.

  5. Robert Tong says:


    Great to finally have another North East venue. As you are now aware that there is IT life between Edinburgh and Manchester!

    I think that the attendance spoke for itself and this I hope will grow further if you are able to keep coming to the North East.

    Excellent content and format for the day I personally got a lot from it.

    I think that as a technical presentation it was excellent, however I did feel that James and Steve were a little paranoid. I do understand that you get the doubting Thomas type at the more open forums. As members of Technet I would have thought you were preaching to the converted here and could have expanded to some more technical areas instead of covering every scenrio to prove it works always.

    Basically though great more please, also the Harrogate tour in March was a brilliant day also.

  6. Glyn Davies says:

    I would have liked to attend Manchester, together with a few colleagues, but it was fully booked, how about a re-visit to Manchester, or possibly Liverpool? These events are really useful and valued.


  7. Ian T Price says:

    I would love for this to be re-run at Manchester. I tried to sign up for the event as soon as I heard about it but it was already full. We also can’t get management approval to go too far afield due to expense…


  8. Nigel Robson says:

    I would also like to mention that it was good to see a MS event in the North East and would love there to be more!!  I was at the Newcastle event and thought it was very useful and i’m glad i attended.

    Hope to see you up this way soon!

  9. Martin Clay says:

    Yes, I would like to attend a rerun.  At London or Reading would be great for me.


  10. Barry Holder says:

    I was at the manchester demo last week and was highly dissapointed. I understaood the concept behind doing live demo, but can we please kit the guys out we real life boxes, not user laptops. Also could you please run a few test before the live shows as it looked and felt very un-professional.

  11. Eddie Priest says:

    I attended the Falkirk version of the roadshow yesterday and found the presentation style relaxed and informal – a pleasant change.

    If I were to have any suggestions it would around the pace of the presentations.  

    For the information which I am unfamiliar with I found it difficult to keep up with what was happening, this was not helped by the AV setup which showed only a single screen so there was a lot of flicking around which I found confusing.

    Hope to see more Technet events in Scotland.

    Many Thanks


  12. Leslie Cupitt says:

    I attended the Machester event.  It was excellent.  Echoing what someone else has said "why do these guys come out with such feeble kit".  This is the real world, do MS expect end users to deploy Virtual Server on Laptops!  Proper servers and proper desktops should be standard – after we are all supposed the IT ‘Professionals’.

  13. Clive Burton says:

    I’d be very grateful for a repeat of the Windows Server 2008 & Management Technologies event in London

  14. Ollie says:

    I’d have loved to go, but there was no event in the midlands.

    If you re-run, can you do an event somewhere in / around Birmingham.

  15. John Thomas says:

    I had a place on the Manchester event, but had to cancel.  Would very much appreciate a repeat event.

  16. Stuart (Plymouth) says:

    How about a rerun for those of us in the Southwest?? The closest events to us are usually Bristol (like the brilliant Roadshow from earier in the year)…

    Please please please??


  17. J Simpson says:

    We are VERY disappointed there are still no Birmingham dates. Have you guys forgotten or just not bothered about us?

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