The second TechNet Podcast

OK so it would appear that I am slightly behind the times with Steve's podcasts, as I only blogged about the first one on saturday but then have actually just seen the that second came out last friday.

Confused?? Me on to more important things.....

In the second podcast, Steve is joined by Cliff Hobbs who is a Most Valued Professional (MVP) i.e. a techie thats shares the techie love (or more accurately knowledge but that doesn't sound as good). Cliff is also the leader of the Windows Management User Group. Cliff takes you through Config Manager (or for any marketing people out there that will tell me off for not using the full product name, Systems Center Configuration Manager), as well as NAP and OUHFT

Download the TechNet Conversations Podcast Show with Cliff Hobbs talking Management. Available as a WMA and an MP3.

p.s. OK so i made "OUHFT" up but the post was so acronym-tastic that I thought you may not even notice a stray one planted in there 😉

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