The first UK TechNet Podcast

Steve has been working very hard to get these going and I promise you they are worth the wait! This first recording looks at the linguistic differences between British English and American English, the 3 stooges - sorry experts - empty out their pockets in a gadget amnesty and then the go on to talk about how to get the message across

It may be deemed a little long at 25 mins, but well worth getting to the end, where I recommend you listen out for James talking about his PC suffering from crabs! Don't ask - just listen!!!!!!!!

Download the TechNet Coversations Podcast

Comments (2)

  1. Georgina Lewis says:

    The second one is now available as an MP3 – see the next post and they will be available as an RSS feed in the next few months


  2. John Seymour says:

    Would be great if these were to be available as MP3s and via an RSS feed…

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