How many Microsoft people does it take to paint a room?


Yesterday was one of the most rewarding days I have had for a long time. A group of 8 of us headed to Herefordshire to Coddington Court School, who were the winners of the 2006 DesignIT competition.

We went there "Nick Knowles" stylee to give the room of the school in question a good old magnolia lick of paint, as well as installing 12 printers and getting 5 laptops ready for action. The idea around the winning entry was to connect the live-in students with their parents via webcams and instant messenger. These children spend a lot of time away from their parents so being able to give them the means to see and communicate with one another is a big thing

This years winner was the Alzheimers Society and the team are currently working on a piece of technology to help sufferers remember the lives they have led.

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