Human vs Robot

Following the last TechNet newsletter, I had a response from an IT Pro that it was actually nice to a read a newsletter that someone had obviously done rather than one where an "automated server has just vomitied up news stories".

It made me think, do IT Pros actually want to get to knwo the people behind Microsoft or not? I think the answer will be some yes and some no, but then how we do balance that out? Do we keep things like the website and newsletter "Corporate" and rely on blogs for the personality?

The one thing I will say, is that i got a response that really made my day. For all the angered emails I get from people that are upset/angry/frustrated with Microsoft, this one was a gem:

 "Picture my desk, sweaty government office, bad day - very bad in fact and as usual I am going backwards with my inbox. Your email arrives, my mood is grim and the immediate reaction was a little blue - another *!?? frivolous ZZX"$$% spam email. But scanning through it I had to smile (quite an achievement on your part in the circumstances) and I fell off the end realising that I now knew that MS are using the voice features of Ex 2007 that I saw demo's a while ago."

You know who you are.....thank you 🙂

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