Murph’s – you were a legend!

So you will have seen a few blog pasts about my 2 cats that I adore so much, including a post that questiosn why a cat has to go near a road when he has so many fieds to play in. Well the sad news is that on sunday that very same little kitty lost to that very same road 🙁

 Its been a tough few days but he had a good little life while he was around and I hope the mice up in kitty heaven are keeping him busy!

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  1. John3058 says:

    aaaw im sorry on your loss, my cat got run over on Good Friday, so a few months ago, we like you have acres of fields behind and beside us but a road infront of us. Was very hard for us, we burried him under his favourite tree he like to climb so we know where he is 🙂

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