Should it be spelt with a "s" or a "z" in the UK??? I get so confused.....

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  1. Georgina Lewis says:

    I think we should just be a rebel and use "s" all the time. I might event go crazy and spell System Center…wait for it….."System Centre"!!!

  2. Arthur says:


    In the UK it’s spelt with an "s" mate …

  3. Dugie says:

    ROFL!!  Georgina, I love your style.  being an Aussie, I have the same issue.  I feel compelled to use ‘S’, but then no-one (including google/live) know what you’re talking about!!

    So, I’ve resigned to the fact that when I’m talking Windows, I use a ‘Z’ – and then be a rebel and use ‘S’ everywhere else!!

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