Why does a cat go on the road when he has so many fields out the back?

I moved house recently and had the challenge of relocating the 2 most precious things in the world to me...Murphy & Sid (my 2 tabby cats). After speaking to the vet, they advised me to keep them in for 2 weeks before letting them out. D-day arrived last saturday and they gleefully went out the back door and off out into the fields upon fields availabel to them. My big fear was that they would sneak their way to the front and near the road! (There is another long story about Murphy and the M4 but I think I will savethat one for another day!).

Anyways,  I was stunned yesterday when I had a call from him indoors explaining how Murphy had indeed crossed the road and looked proud as anything to be walking in the park!  Eeeeek, cats and roads don't mix, but you gotta love the independant, nosy little thing!


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