Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster – Event 1207 (CNO computer account password update failed, access is denied)

SYMPTOM =============== Event 1207 (CNO computer account password update failed, access is denied)   PROBABLE CAUSE =============== Some default ACL entries are missing on the CNO   RESOLUTION =============== We compared the default ACL entries of a CNO against the problematic CNO in production environment and made the following changes on the one in production…


Suggestions on deploying a highly-available IIS7 web server

叢集有分兩種,一種是容錯移轉叢集 (Failover Cluster) 另一種則是 網路附載平衡叢集 (Network Load Balance, NLB) 一般來說 IIS Web Server 都是使用 網路附載平衡叢集 (Network Load Balance, NLB) 請參考這篇 Blog: Deploying IIS on a Failover Cluster 但若客戶要求要在 Windows Server 2008 上使用 IIS7 搭配 容錯移轉叢集 (Failover Cluster) 請參考這篇 KB Article: Configuring IIS 7.0 World Wide Web Publishing Service in a Microsoft Windows Server 2008…


iSCSI and Windows Svr 2008/R2 Failover Clusters

iSCSI 目前是 Cluster 架構裡常被應用的一個 Shared Storage Solution,以下是兩個您應該要知道的事項。(Getting things right in the beginning will make everything else down the line easier!!) 1. Use Microsoft MultiPath IO (MPIO) to manage multiple paths to iSCSI storage. Microsoft does not support teaming on network adapters that are used to connect to iSCSI-based storage devices. Microsoft iSCSI Initiator best practices…


Windows Svr 2008 R2 – iSCSI Initiator getting "Target Error" message when attempting to connect to iSCSI Target on localhost

SYMPTOM =================== 在 Hyper-V Host (PC1) 上安裝 iSCSI Target 然後接著在 PC1 上執行 iSCSI Initiator 連接本機的 Target 這個做法在我的環境 (如下圖) 跟客戶的環境都會遇到 Target Error 錯誤   CAUSE =================== Loop Back 連線模式在 Windows Server 2008 R2 上是被支援的 但是預設的情況下 Loop Back 連線是關閉的。   RESOLUTION =================== 您需要新增以下機碼並重新開機來允許Loop Back 連線   HKLM\Software\Microsoft\iSCSI Target Value Name: AllowLoopBack Type: REG_DWORD Value: 1 (Default is…


About Hyper-V Failover Cluster and “Refresh Virtual Machine Configuration”

SYMPTOM ================= 將 Virtual Machine “ABC” 從 Node1 Live Migrate 至 Node2,進度到 90% 的時候失敗 CAUSE ================= 從 Cluster Log 中發現失敗的原因是 ‘ABC’ Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port (Instance ID {346984E3-8736-441E-9806-03F726E6B109}): Failed to restore with Error ‘The system cannot find the path specified.’ (0x80070003). Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port 跟 Virtual Switch/Network 有關,錯誤是 ‘The system cannot find the path…


Windows Server 2003 Cluster – 如何將一個第三方的服務設定成 Generic Clustered Service

參考文件:;EN-US;292542 Configuration two: Use a Generic Cluster Service to allow the cluster service to control the 3rd party service In this configuration, set up 3rd party service as a Generic Cluster Service in Cluster Administrator. To set up 3rd party service as a Generic Cluster Service, do the following: 1.    Open the Cluster Administrator….


Cluster network name resource ‘Cluster Name’ cannot be brought online, Unable to get Computer Object using GUID.

SYMPTOM ================== You tried to bring Network Name Resources online but could not, following events are logged on cluster node: Log Name:      System Source:        Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering Event ID:      1207 Task Category: Network Name Resource Level:         Error User:          SYSTEM Description: Cluster network name resource ‘ClusterName’ cannot be brought online. The computer object associated with the resource could…


Cluster – Win2008R2 cluster not functioning even after several reboot attempts

    SYMPTOM ========================= Excessive 1146 events are logged on cluster nodes Event ID: 1146 Source: Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering Description: The cluster resource host subsystem (RHS) stopped unexpectedly. An attempt will be made to restart it. This is usually due to a problem in a resource DLL. Please determine which resource DLL is causing the issue and…


Cluster setup may not work when you add nodes

Symptoms From cluster setup log(ClCfgSrv.log) 2008-10-14 16:11:38.873 [ERR ] S01: 正在檢查所有節點都可以存取仲裁資源… (hr=0x800713de, {EBC8AEFF-10C3-4D5B-AC17-FC0F4C3871B7}, {B8C4066E-0246-4358-9DE5-25603EDD0CA0}, 0, 3, 3), (null) 2008-10-14 16:11:38.952 [ERR ] S01: (null) (hr=0x800713de, {FDC75680-7DBB-42CA-8003-E4CDB01FF062}, {EBC8AEFF-10C3-4D5B-AC17-FC0F4C3871B7}, 0, 8, 8), (null) From UI Solution︰ Use Advanced (minimum) configuration to pass the verification Cluster setup may not work when you add nodes <>