Event ID 10022 and Dcomcnfg can not show the component’s informaiton

Problem Description

Customer’s two servers had some services could not start and dcomcnfg cannot show the components’ information problem when a certain software was installed on them


Based on the symptoms and background information, we suspected that the software modified some DCOM related permissions in the registry.

In the application log, we found a huge number of event ID 10022 from COM source and based on the searching result this is due to the mis-configuration of Microsoft COM related permissions in registry.

To resolve the issue, we deleted the following registry value in the registry and rebooted the OS for the modification to take effect:


Value Name: DefaultAccessPermission

Value Type: REG_BINARY

After the OS booted up, we can see all of the symptoms disappeared and the applications on the server were running fine.

Our Suggestions

As we suspect it was the software installed on this server that modified the registry value and triggered the issue. Suggest to involve the vendor of the software and see if they can help to fix the issue.

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