Windows 2008系統的CPU使用率問題


The processor 0 was scheduled to run all tasks sometime. It seems there is only one processor on the system.

This could be related with the core parking feature has some problem working with the processor. 

So we can try the following actions to fix this problem.

1. Make sure that you have your BIOS up to date.

If your bios does not support C2 and C3 state transitions, please contact your hardware vendor to see if they are working on an updated bios.

2. Work-around:

Change the power plan to High Performance to disable the Core Parking feature.

Method 1:
Click on Start, Control Panel, Hardware, Power Options, Change power-saving settings, change from "Balanced" to "High Performance".


Method 2:
Click on Start, Control Panel, Power Options, change from "Balanced" to "High Performance".


reg add HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetControlProcessor /v Capabilities /t REG_DWORD /d 0x0007c044

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