SCDPM 2010 – Console takes long time (sometimes an hour) to complete a new protection job




SCDPM takes too long (always takes one hour) to complete a new protection group

Time mainly costs in the last stage ( configure storage group/ format)




1. DPM will allocate and format replica volume and recovery point volume at the last step when creating the protection group.

2. We tried to create/format one volume in the disk management console. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete whole process which appears abnormal.

3. We researched the DPM MPS reports. There are no obvious errors in the DPM logs.




We suspect antivirus is causing the issue.


In order to narrow down the issue, we suggest uninstall antivirus applications, and test to format again.

If the issue is cleared, there could be some issue with antivirus applications.





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