How to collect MOM 2005 Trace log for script error

• If a script is generating an error, and additional data around that error is needed, then script tracing can be enabled

This is done by modifying a registry key:

– HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mission Critical Software\OnePoint

Ÿ Change the value of the DebugEnabledScripts entry to specify the name of the script or scripts you want to debug. Wildcard expressions (*) are supported for this setting. If DebugEnabledScripts does not already exist, create a new String entry for it.

Ÿ To enable debugging, change the value of the EnableActiveDebugging entry to 1. If EnableActiveDebugging does not already exist, create a new DWORD entry for it.

Ÿ To disable debugging, change EnableActiveDebugging to 0.

• Once enabled the AgentResponses-<ManagementGroup>.log file will get created on the agent being debugged (by default in the MOM logging directory).  You may need to restart the MOM service in order for this log to get created.

• This log will contain the output of any ScriptContext.Echo statements from within the script.  Obviously, additional ScriptContext.Echo statements can be added to the script which can assist in troubleshooting the issue.

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