Windows 7 – How to hide item of Control Panel using GPO

Issue:  You want to hide items of control panel using GPO


Resolution:  Set the policy below:



User Settings -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Hide specified Control Panel Items


Click this policy to enable it and enter the “Canonical name“ according to :

Windows 7 Control Panel Canonical Names

The following canonical names are defined for Control Panel items in Windows 7. All names are also valid on Windows Vista unless specified otherwise.

Control Panel Item


Canonical name


Action Center


Microsoft.ActionCenter (Windows 7 and later only)


Administrative Tools




For Example:

You want to disable Administrative Tools and User Accounts from Control Panel, enter the value as below:


·         Microsoft.AdministrativeTools


·         Microsoft.UserAccounts




Close the Control Panel then check again, you won’t see these 2 items:




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