Question Mark on XP-mode Virtual PC Integration Device

After installed with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit ,I got some question under the XP mode.
There are 3  ? "Virtual PC integrated device" under  other device  , How can I update / install the driver for these device ?




Under Other devices in Device Manager, you see that several Virtual PC Integration Devices items are displayed together with yellow question marks. This behavior is expected. You can verify that the devices are working correctly by viewing device properties in Device Manager.

The entire communication between guest and host happens over VPCBus. For every communication channel established, two VPCBus channels are opened between host and guest. When integration components are enabled, you can see these VPCBus channels in guest device management. These devices come under “Other devices” category and are named “Virtual PC Integration Device”. These are the devices used by WVPC for performing a TS session inside the guest (See below Fig).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    在Windows XP的聲音音效物件是屬於作業系統的一個元件 (音效 OLE2), 插入後會直接打開錄音機這個應用程式 (SndRec32.exe), 這個程式在 Windows Vista之後已經改寫為另一個應用程式,名稱一樣為錄音

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