問題:在特定DFS Server上無法複製

收集 fsutil USN readdata <Filelocation> > result.txt


Major Version    : 0x2
Minor Version    : 0x0
FileRef#         : 0x000c00000001425a
Parent FileRef#  : 0x00a8000000006575
Usn              : 0x0000000146be00a0
Time Stamp       : 0x0000000000000000 12:00:00 AM 1/1/1601
Reason           : 0x0
Source Info      : 0x0
Security Id      : 0x1675
File Attributes  : 0x120
File Name Length : 0x62
File Name Offset : 0x3c

Regarding MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa365535(VS.85).aspx
The Flag of FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY is set, By design, DFSR does not replicate files if they have the temporary attribute set on them, and it cannot be configured to do so.
The reason DFSR does not replicate files with the temporary attribute set is that they are considered short-lived files that you would never actually want to replicate. Using the temporary attribute on a file keeps that file in memory and saves on disk I/O. Therefore applications can use it on short-lived files to improve performance.

An application can use FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY when calling the CreateFile function if they want a temporary file.

Create a new doc file then copy the content to the new file

DFSR Does Not Replicate Temporary Files

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    In the Value data box, type the numeric value that you want, and then click OK. For example, type 2.

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