SCOM 2007,Data Warehouse failed to reque – Event id 31569

Getting alerts which says “data warehouse failed to request a list of management packs”


Here is the event that triggers the monitor



Data Warehouse SQL RS Deployed Management Pack List Request State
The properties of the monitor show that it is triggering on these events.
<ListSource>SQL RS Server</ListSource>




MP was sending more information to the data warehouse.

We had temporarily disabled the rule but after removing the disable override we no longer had the issue.

1. This error is cause by the Error Event 31569 below, Event 31570 shows that this workflow is finally finished successfully.

2. This fault in fact does not impact any SCOM reporting functionalities, and now SCOM reporting is working fine.

3. This error event maybe cause by the network connection, RMS workload, IIS and SRS performance, however it can be recovered soon in one minute by data warehouse report deployment rule mechanism and all the report deployment jobs are finished successfully.

4. So we suggest, we can ignore this fault, while the SCOM reporting are working

Comments (2)

  1. Marius Ene says:

    Backing up the Reporting database does the trick. The 'solution' described in the post is not really a solution.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Backup the current SystemCenterReporting database.

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