Alerts that are closed do not dissapear from the console

Customer says that alerts in the Active Alerts view in OpsMgr console (Monitoring Section) are not updated as expected. It takes a lot of time for those alerts to be Closed. Or the alerts may change to Closed State but may not dissapear from the console.

Action Plan

To identify computers with future time stamps, run the following query

SELECT * FROM dbo.AlertView WHERE TimeRaised > getutcdate() OR StateLastModified > getutcdate()


- We ran the following t-sql commands to update the OperationsManager Database

UPDATE dbo.AlertView SET TimeRaised = getutcdate() WHERE TimeRaised > getutcdate()

UPDATE dbo.State SET LastModified = getutcdate() WHERE LastModified > getutcdate()


Apply hotfix 957135

Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Solution is to avoid unwanted events by uing AdtAdmin along with WQL Query as listed below

    An ACS collector can use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Query Language (WQL) queries as filters to limit the events that are stored in the ACS database.

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